Host your graduation party at the studio! During the months of May and June, we are opening our doors for you to celebrate this milestone. Make lasting memories in our unique and eclectic space. Look through pictures of past events here and book your event today!

Class Registration 2018

We cannot wait to see you in the new year! All our classes are open for registration- Fine Art, Creative Writing, Watercolor 101, Blogging, and more! Please message us with any questions you have. See you at the studio!

Summer Camp Registration 2018

Registration opens January 1st! Check out our line-up of Summer Camps- we are going to have a blast using our imagination and being creative all summer long! Message us with any questions. All details will be posted January 1st.





Where Are We Located?

Address: 401 Dividend Dr, Peachtree City, GA, 30269
Contact: Emily Lawler- (678) 632-1062

The Studio

Creatives reinvent life over and over again.
Artists generate new creations every time their hands touch parchment.
Writers embark on journeys to discover infant worlds.
Creatives are much like cicadas: Staying true to their nature, while discovering layer after layer of new beginnings.


The Artist

Emily Lawler is the owner and creative behind Blue Cicada. With a degree in English and an extensive background and education in art, it is her life’s mission to help young creatives find their passion and develop it so they can share it with their world.

Education is not Emily’s only avenue. She also does commission watercolor art work and contract content writing.






Joyful Spring Yoga and Art Workshop

For our third yoga and art workshop, we will be focusing on inviting joy into our lives. Come explore with us!
All levels welcome. No art or yoga experience required. All art supplies and yoga equipment provided. $35

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  1. Choose the type of event you’re booking (kids birthday party, adult paint party, girl scout event, etc)
  2. Build your party with fun add-ons
  3. Call or email to make reservations

Birthday Party Packages

All party packages are priced for 10 participating artists.

All party packages include needed art supplies and a party host who instructs the art activities and all extra party activities.

Add-ons can be added to any of our party packages (scroll down)

All party pack is scheduled for an hour and a half (unless specified otherwise) and hosted in our studio.

To check for available party times or to schedule your birthday party, please call 423-284-3914 or email

Studio Hours (available for booking parties)

Tuesday-Friday 3:30-8 PM

Saturday 1-9 PM

Sunday 2-7 PM

The Original Paint Party

$195 for 10 kids; $12.99 per additional partier.

The birthday boy or girl will select a painting from one of our many canvas creations! Along with a skilled instructor, your guests will complete the painting step-by-step. In addition to their finished painting, partying artists will participate in exciting activities that will guarantee your birthday party fun!

The Princess Party

$215 for 10 kids; $12.99 per additional partier.

Choose from Queen Elsa, Princess Moana or the whimsical Rapunzel! Your birthday princess will have the best of fun with her courtly guests painting a themed canvas (an icy tiara, gorgeous lei, dreamy castle, etc). This party also comes packed with extra fun princess activities and decorations fit for a queen!

The Jackson Pollock Party

$225 for 10 kids; $12.99 per additional partier.

Pull your hair back and get ready to get messy! In the style of Jackson Pollock, your birthday guests will have the chance to let their creativity go wild! Create an awesome splatter picture by throwing paint at your canvas (and hopefully not your fellow artist).


The Little Fingers Paint Party

$175 for 10 kids; $9.00 per additional partier.

Designed for painters ages 1-3, we have an assortment of fun crafts and exciting activities, as well as canvas painting, ready for our little artist friends! This party lasts one hour, and is full of games, art and creative fun!


The DIY Party Kit

$99 for kit; free pick up or additional 11.99 for shipping

Have a great time in your own home with our personalized paint party kit! Choose a painting, and we will include the following:

12 Canvases (with the painting lightly sketched on each canvas)

12 Brushes


1 Roll of Paper Towels

4 Water Cups

12 White Bags (for guests to take their painting home in)

Click here to view available add-ons

DIY kits take 3-5 business days to process.

Private Paint Party

$35 per person (5 person minimum)

Perfect for youth groups, lady’s nights, family fun and more! Each painter receives 16×20 canvas, instructions for any of our original paintings, a skilled instructor and up to 3 hours of private studio time. Select add-ons are available.

Available for intimate gatherings (5-20), group events (20-100) or corporate events (max. 600)

Open Studio (Not a party, just come paint!)

$15: Medium Canvas

$35: Large Canvas

Friday Evenings: 6-9 PM

Saturday Mornings: 10 AM- 1PM

No need to schedule a party time, just walk on in! This is a perfect time for you and your friends to drop by. We will have canvas and paint ready!

* No Reservations needed. Studio space is given on a first come, first served basis. Add-ons are available if in stock.

Girl Scout/Boy Scout Party

$15 per person

A great way to earn all your badges and have an amazing experience of a day at the art studio! Each artist will take a painting home with them and learn all badge requirements. The studio will attempt to honor your regular meeting time. Please call to book. Scout party lasts one hour.


(Please order in advance to insure availability)

Cupcake Bar

$4 per guest

Ice-Cream Cup

$1.50 per guest


$1.25 per invitation

Artist Goodie Bag

$5 per guest

Decorative Birthday Crowns

$3 per guest

Photo Booth



Frame Your Work

$16 per frame

Craft Bar


Customized Yard Sign


Face Painting

$35 per hour

Paint Boxes


15 different acrylic paint colors; 1 11×14 Canvas

Take-Home Apron


Artist Beret


Additional Time

$40 per half hour



Classes Winter 2018

Session 4 classes begin the week of January 8th, 2018

Session 4- January 8th- February 16th
Session 5- February 26th- April 13th
Session 6- April 16th- May 24th

Our classes run in 6 week sessions. Each session is once-a-week and times are listed below. If you would like to enroll in a class session that has already started, please call our office to make arrangements. No refunds are given on class payments.

There is a one-time fee for the 2017-2018 season of $40 upon registration.

If interested in private tutoring, please call our office for more information.

To Sign Up:

Please email
Write which class you wish to attend in subject.
In email, please specify name, age and grade of student (if adult, just say adult).
Payment is due on first day of class.

  • Elementary Art Class
    – Tuesdays- 4:00-5:00- $109
    – Wednesdays- 12:00-1:00- $109
    – Thursdays- 5:00-6:00/ 6:00-7:00- $109

Throughout each session, students will complete a canvas painting as well as several other smaller projects (drawing, painting and sculpture). They will learn techniques in acrylic, watercolor, and sculpting, color, perspective and creative design, as well as come to understand technical terms and art vocabulary. This is a great class to have fun and get the creative juices flowing.

  • Middle School Art Class- Tuesdays- 5:00-6:15- $129

While identical to Elementary art in schedule, this class will meet the needs of more advanced artists. Throughout each session, students will complete one canvas painting as well as several other smaller projects (drawing, painting and sculpture). They will learn techniques in color,design, and art genre, as well as come to understand technical terms and art vocabulary.

  • Watercolor 101
    – High School- Tuesdays- 6:15-7:30-  $129
    – Adult- Tuesday- 10:00-11:15- $129

An intro to the basics of watercolor. We will learn how to influence the paint, incorporating general artistic practices (i.e. sketching, perspective, design, etc). No need to have prior experience in art. This is perfect for beginners and experienced students alike.

  • Oil Painting 101
    -High School- Tuesday- 6:15-7:30- $129
    -Adults- Tuesday- 11:15-12:45- $129

Follow in the footsteps of legendary master painters as you acquire skill and technique in oil painting. One of the more fluid and forgiving mediums, you will learn the basics in color theory, shape and design, and artistic elements. You will complete at least 1-2 paintings every 6 weeks depending on complexity and size.

  • Handlettering/Calligraphy
    – High School, College, Adult- Mondays- 6:15-7:15- $99
    Adult- Mondays- 7:30-8:30- $99

Have a knack for penmanship? Come learn how to expand your handwriting skills, starting with the basics. We will learn two different fonts in calligraphy, completing the alphabet, and writing a favorite quote to finish off the course!

Open to high school and college students.

  • Creative Journaling
    – High School, College and Adult- Mondays- 5:00-6:00- $109

A wonderful way to let loose and get the creative juices flowing! This class is dedicated to story telling with visual art and the written word. Often run into creative blocks and cannot find the passion that drives us. This class is designed to help stimulate inspiration, providing tips and techniques to get you through those rough patches.

  • Blogging 101
    – Wednesdays- 5:00-6:00 $109

No matter your field of interest, blogging (or how to write for the internet in general) is a necessary skill in the digital age. Learn proper email etiquette, techniques in article writing, and how to create a blog post. Not only will you learn how to develop your own content, but you will also gain invaluable skills in reading the digital word, how to identify propaganda and how to notice original content.

You will need a laptop for this class.

Open to high school and college students.

  • Creative Writing
    – Middle School- Mondays- 4:00-5:00- $109
    -High School- Thursdays- 6:00-7:15- $109

Is writing your passion? This class will help develop your budding skills, providing the tips and techniques of the writing trade. From writing prompts to lessons in publishing, studying fiction and nonfiction genres, as well as understanding the technical standards of formatting and grammar, this class will prepare you for the world of writers! We will complete a 10-page short story during the 6 week session (Great for your college portfolio!)

  • Art History
    – Wednesdays- 11:00-12:00- $99
    – Thursdays- 4:00-5:00- $99

Following along with the art classes, each session will focus on a different period of art. By the end of each session, students will be able to identify artists, conceptualize the style of the genre, as well as understand the story and meaning behind why art changes from century to century.

  • Yoga with Jill
    -Thursdays- 9:30-10:45
    -Ages 18-Adult
    -$90 for 6-Week Session

Blue Cicada is excited to host Yoga Instructor Jill Van Nynatten Elkin! Jill will introduce basic poses as well as mediation. She will also cover breathing techniques that will reduce stress/anxiety, build energy and provide clarity and focus. See you on the yoga mat!
*Yoga participants are not subject to the $55 registration fee.


Photography 101
Sewing with Mom
Monthly Workshops

Schedule Overview

Watercolor (Adults)- 10:00-11:15
Creative Writing- 4:00-5:00
Creative Journaling- 5:00-6:00
Handlettering/Calligraphy- 6:15- 7:15

Yoga- 10:00-11:15
Middle School Art- 5:00-6:15
High School Art- 6:15-7:30
Knitting- 5:30-6:30
Knitting- 6:30-7:30
Watercolor and Acrylics for Adults- 7:30-8:45

Art History- 11:00-12:00pm
Elementary Art- 12:00-1:00
Creative Writing- 5:00-6:15
Blogging 101- 6:15-7:30

Elementary Art- 5:00-6:00
Elementary Art- 6:00-7:00
Art History- 7:00-8:00


We would love to hear from you!!

401 Dividend Dr
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(678) 632-1062



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